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Thread: Stainless steel Benchmade pen

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    I picked up the stainless steel version of the Benchmade pen last week and really like it.

    I had a Hinderer Ti pen a couple of years ago, but it was not comfortable for me. It was too long to fit in a shirt pocket and uncomfortable in the hand.

    However, the Benchmade pen is very comfortable in the grip and fits in the pocket nicely. It writes very well. The clip is stong and I like how the cap clicks on the end of the pen. Fit and finish are good. I found that the clip was a little loose so I took the torx screws out and bent the clip in a bit; it is very strong and needed a lot of force.

    One thing I found missing when I was looking for a pen was a comparison to common objects, so in one of the pictures it is next to a Sharpie. The Benchmade pen is 5.25" in length.

    Here's some pictures:

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    Default Re: Stainless steel Benchmade pen

    not to derail the thread, but would love more info on that folder and nice graham!

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    The folder is a Ghost Dog Pup from Kevin Wilkins -

    Specs: Blade - S90v, Ti frame, Damasteel bolster, G11 scale.

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    Default Re: Stainless steel Benchmade pen

    I have the non-Steel 1100 that I love to EDC, but that steel sure does look tempting

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    Country of origin: USA

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    Those pens are build like tanks! The SS gives them an unparalled level of "heft."

    Here's one next to a black aluminum version, aluminum Benchmade's and a CountyComm Embassy pen.

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