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Thread: how long do those light stick last?

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    Default how long do those light stick last?

    how long do those light stick last? 2-3hrs?
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    Default Re: how long do those light stick last?

    The ones I've seen for professional use are around 8 to 10 hrs average.

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    Default Re: how long do those light stick last?

    It varies based on color and size. There are high intensity that are good for less than an hour, and others that are rated for 12.

    Here's a link to Cyalume showing their product. Under each product type there are rating based on color.

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    Default Re: how long do those light stick last?

    Generally they are 12hr, but you can get ones that are 8hr, 30min, and the orange ones are usually the ultra bright 5min.

    Here is where I get mine:


    Two suggestions if you are ever somewhere very dark with a lot of people, chop off the top of the light sticks and have 'light stick fights" . So much fun, every one glows for an hour or so, and at least the ones I have used, don't hurt your cloths.

    Another fun thing to do with glow sticks is make dry-ice bombs filled with glowstick goo. I looks like a fire work when it goes off
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    Default Re: how long do those light stick last?

    The stated run times are at normal room temperatures.
    High temperatures give a brighter light for a shorter time.
    Low temperatures extend the run time greatly, though with a much dimmer light.
    The output of a light stick appears to decline exponentialy from the moment that it is activated, and it still gives a very little light after several days, even a week or two in extreme cold.

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