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Thread: Driver for 3 watt luxeon

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    Default Driver for 3 watt luxeon

    I'm planning on buying a dozen 3 watt luxeon leds and found a seller which also offered me a led driver.
    I asked him for a spec sheet but all he could give me was this information:
    Voltage: 12v
    Current: 330mA - 700mA.
    It can work with 1x 3w leds or 3 x 1w leds.
    The leds can be connected in parallel.
    He also sent me a picture: [1] Do you think I should buy it or should I only buy the leds?

    I was also looking for a driver which allows me to connect many leds (more than 3 or 5). Which would you suggest?
    Thanks for reading and replying!!

    [1] http://img224.imageshack.us/my.php?i...12vpic1tt2.jpg

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    1st of all: dont BUY Luxeons NOW! At the same power, they give only HALF the output of current led
    (instead they produce heat).
    Get Cree XR-E or Seoul P4 instead.

    2nd: from what battery are You driving those led?
    because that is the BASE from what all You calculaion has to start from.

    when using the "standard" pack, a 14.4 V Li-Ion battery, there is the following option:
    a step-up driver for 6 led which are wired in series. 2 times for Your dozen of led.
    Possible drivers were Sandwich Shoppe's SHARK or Taskled's maxFlex.
    Both should be able to drive up to 6 led in series.

    Your problem (apart from brutal heat coming from the led) is:
    * size (a dozen led with their focusing devices),
    * cost (the led, the focusing devices)
    * space (12 led + devices)
    * weight (heatsinking)

    You could do easier when using else three of the Cree MC-E (wired same as the dozen of led --> 6 in series each, and using the two step-up drivers. Con: difficult wiring),
    or three the Seoul P7 (no driver recommendation, no recommendation of this led from me)
    Both are basically a "larger" led that houses four individual led in one package.
    So You only have to place three led and use just three focusing devices on them --> less space

    ... a nice project, what are You planning?
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    Default Re: Driver for 3 watt luxeon

    Thank you for replying! I have two projects going on.

    I want to use some leds for home lighting.
    I have a 220v to 12V DC transformer and would like to connect some leds to it.
    I was thinking of using a lm317 regulator to lower the voltage to 3.7 volts, and then connnect the leds in parallel.

    The problem is I can only connect up to two leds because lm317 can only handle up to 1.5 amps.
    I think I could use a LM338 or a LM350 instead to connect more leds. Any ideas?

    I'll start another thread for my other project so this thread stays clean.

    Here's a diagram of the idea I have:
    Thanks for reading.
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