I have am searching for a flashlight "solution", and it presents certain "challenges".

Background: I have worked in contract security for over 20 years and I have used many cheap flashlights. They all failed quickly due to the hazards of the job, they just could not take a beating, except for Maglites. We once had a Mag-Charger that was tough as nails but too big and heavy. When I did not have that and used other cheap lights (this was all back in the 80s and 90's before modern LEDs) I relied on my Mini-Mags because they were so reliable (relatively speaking).

So getting back into security again after a hiatus a few years ago I bought a 3-C Maglite for work (I wanted something lighter than a Mag-Charger). Tough, as expected, I have dropped this things dozens of times on concrete and it still works great. But it is nowhere bright enough for the job(by the way, what IS the output of a Mag 3-C ican?), nor do the batteries last long enough. I am also restricted now by new regulations that prevent me from using anything larger than a 3-D (liability reasons should I clunk a suspect on the head with one).

Lastly, I don't have a lot of money. $30 price limit (I'm a security guard, remember? As the saying goes: "We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us")

PROBLEM: What do I do?

1) Maglite factory LED upgrade? What are the Lumens and battery life for a 3-C?
2) Nite-Ize drop in LED? Again, Lumens and battery life?
3) Buy a Task-Force 60X Brighter 150 Lumen 2C Cree LED at Loews? (I like that it takes common Cs and it fits my hand. Battery life?)
4) TerraLux drop in?
5) Luxeon K2 drop in?

In short, I'm looking for:
a) Indestructable
b) Under $30
c) 100 Lumens minimum
d) Long battery life (at least 10 hours, preferably 20).

The challenge has been laid down, I thank you all.