This light is something else. Thanks for al the work you do Mac, absolutley incredible!

The great thing about this light, is the low level is low. It gives real world use to it having these lower levels. Low is maybe 20-40 lumens, thats low when high is 3500 lumens!

This light on high is best described as holding a stadium light in your hand.

Mac's Specs

-FiveMega Ellephant II Host in Black with Finned and Fluted Head
-Quad "D" Bin 800-900 Lumens each "WO" Tint
-D2flex Driver board with 8 or 5 Levels
-Uses 4x 18650 Li-Ion cells
-MCR27XR Reflectors
-Led_Zeppelins Awesome Heatsink

Enjoy the pics

Beamshots, here's the lineup!!!