A complete noob here. Nevertheless, a seasoned “gadget freak”. I am in the market for a Single AA Cell LED Tactical Lite.

I am considering the following - in no particular order, other than Price vs. Features & Performance.

I must admit that I am 100% disabled do to back injury, and ‘survive’ on (very meager) Social Security. I do treat myself to one “GIFT” at this time of year – I save all change and get myself a present at Christmas...

I will use the lite for: . .

* Must run on single AA (cost of ownership & I have Good rechargeables.

* Reading my Medication bottles do to 50 Year-Old eyes.

* I love to read, and do not sleep well. The only place I read is on the balcony of the Personal Care Home in which I live. There are NO LIGHTS, so I must rely on a Flashlight.

  • Only want to buy A Flashlight ONCE! – Quality & Reliability is Tops on this List.

  • Small is important. < 3-4”

  • ONE Handed Operation

  • Push-Button / Slide is important for one Handed Operation.

  • Ability to change Brightness’.

  • Would like to change beam focus, but NOT ESSENTIAL.

  • Only want to buy A Flashlight ONCE! – Quality is Tops on this List.

  • LED Based, so power can be turned down to save battery life & no BULB changing, etc. etc.

  • Walking in dark areas in the home at odd hours, when all lutes are out

  • To play with, as it is after all an expensive gad

My current CHOICES - IN RANK of what I THINK I like so far. .

So far, I have liked (from only what I have read – but have NOT SEEN)

1) Proton Photon Pro ( w Cree LED) – but VERY $$$

2) Several Coast Tactical Lites (Digi-Tac II) because of $

3) Fenix lots of owners. – but also $$$

4) LOVE the User Interface Gadget features of the proton 2

A Long (lifetime- ?) warranty is describable, but WITH easy access to it - is important because of my financial situation, and I can only get one gadget.

QUESTION: Can anyone explain why the Proton Photon Pro 2 Ranges in price from about $40 to about $60. In addition, it lists for $70.

Moreover, how do I know I can trust the vendor?
Who can I trust (ok to email me off-line)

Your pearls of wisdom are greatly appreciated… thank you all, and have a wonderful holiday season!


(If you buy anything electronic, it is obsolete as soon as you leave the store)