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Thread: Converting a Halogen canister light to LED

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    Default Converting a Halogen canister light to LED

    Hello everyone ,

    A newbie Swedish diver hope to get some nice ideas and tips to convert my divelight to a LED light.

    This is the raw material i start from, a canister light from the early 90s

    I know very little about electrical appliences, i mostly end up breaking stuff rather than fixing them.

    My ambition is to use these parts to convert the light.

    This housing

    And this LED

    So far so good but there are a few issues left before assembling,

    How do i mout the LED on the reflector?

    Vill the led be heat isolated enough to work? The housing on the lamp is made of steel and my idea is to connetc the reflectot to the housing by heat paste,

    And the biggest question i need to reduce the volt from 12V to 3,7V where can i find a transmitter compact enough for this job?

    Hope to get some valuable advice from professionals to complete my kick ass divelamp

    Best Regards /Daniel

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    Default Re: Converting a Halogen canister light to LED


    Why don't you get this one?,

    Get the reflector+driver+heatsink... you will spend a little more, and you will save a lot of time.

    But keep in mind that the reflector+drop in module is not enough to heatsink a P7, so you are going to need to machine a piece to make the "path" from the brass to the main body, and of course that is in case it is made from a metallic material.

    Another opction would be to get that light, change the o-rings, use tons of PU, and a polycarbonate lens to make it waterproof. Then you remove the tailcap, cut the body, and fill it with PU or Epoxy after soldering the wires from the canister.

    And if you don't mind to, I suggest you to change that NiCd pack for a Li-ION pack...


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    Default Re: Converting a Halogen canister light to LED

    New plans for the light housing

    For al LED i will use this thing:DealExtreme: $31.40 SSC P7-C 2800mA LED Module with Copper Base (3.6V~8.4V)

    the reflector is supposed to give a spread of 5 degrees on land and the LED is allready installed.

    To supply this beast with electricity and still use my battery input of 12v i am thinking of ordering this baby

    Do you think this will work? Any suggestions

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