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Thread: Nichia 365nm UV Aleph Light Engines

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    Default Nichia 365nm UV Aleph Light Engines

    Here are some LEs that I built for TranquillityBase. Wanted to post since builds with Nichia 365nm UV chips seem rare, probably cause they're so expensive.

    -Nichia NCSU033A UAP5M(Bin) 365nm UV Chips

    I really love these chips & are by far the best UV LEDs I've got to play with yet. My PD Mule Cree XR UV mod & the Arc LS Cree XR UV mod (both driven at 1A) are the brightest UV mods I've had but they don't compare to the Nichia UV chips. I don't know much about UV light but all the UV flashlights I've seen emit the purple light that we're all used to. The Nichia chips don't appear to emit this noticeable purple light. Because of which they don't seem very bright but they make things flouresce very differently than my other UV lights. They also irritate my eyes more.

    I wanted to get some beamshots but I failed miserably so here's all I got:

    UV & Norland adhesives:

    From Norland's site:
    NOA 61 is cured by ultraviolet light with maximum absorption within the range of 320-380 nanometers with peak sensitivity around 365nm. The recommended energy required for full cure is 3 Joules/sq. cm in these wavelengths. The cure is not inhibited by oxygen, hence any areas in contact with air will cure to a non-tacky state when exposed to ultraviolet light.

    I'm not sure what bin Cree XR UV I have but the datasheet shows the bins available are between 390-405nm. It will not fully cure NOA61, it will thicken it up but will leave the surface tacky even after 30 mins.

    The same happens when I try using my McGizmo Pelican M6 with an Optotech Shark 375nm UV array. I've used my PM6 6W UV up to 4 times in intervals of 30 mins & it will not fully cure NOA61.

    Just to try, I tried using my old Arc AAA UV, doesn't do a damn thing!

    With the Nichia UV GD650 LE, cured a glob of NOA61 with the surface hard in less than a 5 sec count! I did a few tritium slots & would say they're absolutely fully cured in only a few minutes.

    Thanks to Scott for giving me this opportunity & thanks for looking.
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