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Thread: Lumens v.s. candle light

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    Default Lumens v.s. candle light

    Hello fellow flashlight admirers,

    Is there a formula or a table that you know of that converts lumen power to candle power or the other way around?

    If you know of any chart that would be great.

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    Default Re: Lumens v.s. candle light

    In a word, no. It's like asking for a way to convert gallons to inches. They are different measures. A lumen is a unit of measure for the total light output of a lamp. Candlepower is a measure of the brightness of a spot within a 'beam' of light.

    Use google with these terms, you'll find many good explanations...

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    Default Re: Lumens v.s. candle light

    Thank you, that is such a simple explenation to understand.

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    Yep, the poster who gave you that advice is totally correct. Lumens measure luminous flux, and candlepower (slang for candela) measure luminous intensity. As such, you can buy a handheld light from the hardware shop for 20 dollars which has more candlepower than a lighthouse.

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    Default Re: Lumens v.s. candle light

    www.flashlightreviews.com has some good info on this subject.

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