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    Does anybody know anything about these knives?

    I'm just curious because I drive by their business every day going to and from work.

    I do not know much about knives. The only knive I have worth more than $20 is a Buck 101 ... not much more than $20 at that.

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    They were fabulous in the 1960's. Now they're just another brand of knife, nothing wrong with them but they're basically living off the reputation of the old days.

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    Stop in - it'll be one of these "drool" experiences :-)

    Randalls have a cult following and are generally regarded as collectors, though they are good working kniives if you can stand banging up a $300 knife. You can find premade samples but they thrive on custom orders where delivery time can range up to 18 months or so.

    You won't find one in even decent shape for less than 10x the cost of your Buck. As an example, I bought a limited run "Mini #1" for $275 (from the factory) and sold it a year later for $600.

    They're good quality forged O1 carbon steel knives and one of the few companies to forge stainless (they now use ATS-34, not 440A/B stated in the catalog).

    In their price range and relative to a plethora of newer makers (mostly semi-custom in this price range), they're above average simply because of the forging vs. stock removal. However, they are slow to adopt newer steels; ATS-35 is ho-hum these days.

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    Randalls are the shiznitz!
    They hold their value with collectors like very few others. If you are lucky enough to live near them, stop in and ask for the tour. The museum alone is worth the trip!

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