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Thread: CR2 battery carrier question

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    I would like to carry on my keychain a container such as a pill FOB that would fit perfectly one or two CR2 batteries. I'm looking for something that is high-end such as the pill fobs made by Sunshine , but theirs are not the right size. Can anyone suggest a quality keychain battery carrier that fits one or two of the the CR2 batteries perfectly for keychain carry?

    As a newbie I have another first level question - if I find a keychain container that fits the CR2 battery or batteries perfectly that is made out of metal, what keeps it from making contact with the metal and draining the battery or batteries? How can this be prevented?

    Can anyone suggest a medium priced ($30+/- range) battery tester that could handle the CR2 batteries?

    One last question - can anyone suggest where I might find very fresh CR2 duracell batteries for purchase on the internet.
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    As to something to carry spare CR2 batteries on my keychain, the only thing practical out there that I can find is a custom Kydex sheath - nothing else seems like it will fit the CR2s -
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    I use plastic pill fobs and they seem to hold up well.......i have a couple for cr123's and some of them for cr2's as well. If you get one in metal you can always cut some foam and place it on the bottom of the pill bottle.

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    Here's anyther idea as to keychain carry of spare CR2's. I'm going to try this and let the board know how it fits after cutting them to the proper length for two CR2s. Also will test to see how well the cap stays on while on a keychain.
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