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Thread: My Lightforce blitz 240 to HID - With beamshots

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    Default My Lightforce blitz 240 to HID - With beamshots

    Well after my intial attempt on the first spotlight to hid was a success, but not being able to focus the beam was annoying me so i purchased a 240 blitz and got to work with changing it to a 50W HID.

    After doing a lot of searching and finding some good pictures on how to pull the heatsink out etc i went to work, not having a dremel sucks so it was lots of drilling and lots of filing
    Then trying to find some screws small enough to hold the globe in was another issue.
    After doing some brainstorming for a suitable type "Washer" to hold the light down i came up with the idea of cutting up a jam lid Bingo

    Then it was a simple matter of drilling a hole in the back of the light and threading the wires through.

    I need to tidy this up a bit and also work out where im going to mount the ballast, either directly on the light itself or attached to the bottom. So far im brainstorming and have a few little ideas.

    I took it for a test run last night and HOLYCOW!! Google map distance calculater advised me that where i was shining i could clearly see the house from 470 odd meters away! It looks like a lightsabre! I shall take some photos tonight with my new cam and see how they turn out!
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