Ok I tried searching and could not figure out how to phrase this short enough to find anything so I have to ask here.

I am working on getting a Pila however for now am using my brand new Wolf-Eyes charger. I am not sure if this is a battery issue or charger however both the cells and charger are new and both are WE brand.

My 18650s that came with my M90 show fully charged with a green light and tonight I measured them fresh from the charger at 3.90 volts. I put them in the light and fired it up for maybe 3 seconds and then re-tested the cells that then showed 4.19 volts???

Is it normal for a Li/Ion cell to show a lower voltage fresh off the charger then suddenly somehow rise after being placed under a brief load? If this is actually happening would it most likely be the charger or protection circuit of the cell. I seem to be having various issues lately trying to get my duty light and gear up to speed and appreciate the patience with my questions as well as any suggestions.