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Thread: Welcome. Before posting, READ THIS!!!

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    Default Welcome. Before posting, READ THIS!!!

    Many forums have tried to address the safety side of batteries and have ended up with a lot of good information that ends up being buried in some chit chat and off topic discussions. This is our effort to address these safety issues and I want it to be more focused.

    This section will be run like a safety meeting at work. If the reply, or topic is not related to safety, IT WILL BE DELETED, and we will move on.

    I consider this MY safety meeting. If the discussion falls off topic, I, or any of the other moderators, will simply delete your comments to bring things back on topic. You can address any "differences of opinion" to me via PM, or you can have a more open discussion in other sections of CPF.

    The single topic of this section is SAFETY.

    I expect you to provide links to previous safety threads, along with what you have learned from the discussion in those other threads. I will provide a couple of examples to get things rolling.

    We have an excellent safety record at CPF. Let's keep it that way. If you have a close call, let us know so we can avoid a similar situation. I expect this section to become a reference for the various chemistry types used in cells, and what dangers are involved in using them, and how to avoid these dangers.

    Welcome to this section of CPF. Let's dive in and make this an excellent reference, as well as a sounding board for safe behavior when using stored energy. Please share the lessons you have learned and the dangers you have avoided.

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    Default Re: Welcome. Before posting, READ THIS!!!

    TBH I'm rather wary of Li-Ion technologies and tend to only use manufactured items, the nickel technology batteries seem a little susceptible to outdoor winter temperatures - that only really leaves lead-acid.
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    First up: the most confused and most often asked question on CPF.

    How low is too low?

    Most PCB's seem to cut out at 2.8V, which would be under load. Some specs offer 2.5V as a minimum, some people on CPF say as high as 3.2V.

    Can we make a final decision? It'll be slightly different for each chemistry, I realise, but a number that can be offered to newbies as a guide would be great.

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