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Thread: Shorting Risk in Aftermarket 123-size Battery Sticks

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    Default Shorting Risk in Aftermarket 123-size Battery Sticks

    Thought I'd link this here; if the mods would like to move it...

    The readers' digest version is that a BatteryJunction B65-clone for a Maxfire had a positive terminal almost wide enough to touch the inner wall of the light, and it was held in place by welded nickel(?) strips - with enough play to allow a short. I missed the sloppiness at first.

    Moral of the story is to understand enough battery-pack engineering to spot design flaws.

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    Default Re: Shorting Risk in Aftermarket 123-size Battery Sticks

    Hello Chrontius,

    I purchased a B90 replacement from them and had "issues" with it as well.

    While it is easy to assume that a replacement pack would be "plug and play," often that is not the case, and if you take a careful look before "playing," you can often prevent problems.

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