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Thread: button cells - silver oxide vs alka

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    Default button cells - silver oxide vs alka

    I had to replace a button cell in an old calculator. Opened it up, and removed the G12 corroded battery and then rummaged around looking for something to use in it's place - found a 386 silver oxide still new in the package that fit just fine.

    SO - I was wondering - what is the aspects of silver oxide that you see it in button cells, but the coin cells are alka ?

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    Default Re: button cells - silver oxide vs alka

    Silver Oxide button cells are better than Alkaline button cells, for the same reason Lithiums AA's are better than Alakaline AA's. Better voltage over the run of the battery, withstand lower temperatures... I always get them if they are made.

    You can compare LR44 to SR44 by comparing the following datasheet. Same size -- different characteristics.

    Silver Oxide

    Alkaline (manganese dioxide)

    P.S. I would never leave alkaline coin cells in a device over a long period. They do corrode quite readily.
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    Default Re: button cells - silver oxide vs alka

    perfect for the calculator, and hearing aid and all.
    but when i put the silver oxide into the little light things, it ran Longer, much longer, but it didnt have the "burst" abality of the alkaline buttons of the same size.
    the alkallines would punch up strong after a rest, then sag, the silveroxide acted like it was more solidly outputting way less total current, much like a Zinc Air did.
    I tried shoving more SOs in where the alklines where 4vs 3 and it helped, but for some reason the alkaline was more capable of higher current for that momentary (type) tiny light device.
    so i think i would use them when i needed lots more low runtime, but not for strong but shorter bursts.
    i was sorta disgusted, because for all the long term slow running things, like watches and such, the silver did the best.

    they were both brand name quality type cells, but after defeat, i didnt test many other combos, figuring that that is how it acts in general, long, low and slow.
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