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Thread: Electrolux vacuum explodes & Recall

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    Default Electrolux vacuum explodes & Recall

    I just saw this in the news today. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate spot to post this, but from the link to the CBC site, I can see generic blue batteries similar to the ones I use. Please use your discretion to delete or move this post as you require.

    Some details I couldn't find but tried looking for are:
    - what kind of batteries (chemistry)?
    - what are the charging instructions.
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    Default Re: Electrolux vacuum explodes & Recall

    Battery says 9.6V, so I want to say its NiCd/MH (8 cells x1.2V). The pictures kinda look like Sub-C cells. I'm willing to bet it uses a trickle charger like all of the cheap handheld vacuums I've owned have...

    Scary stuff.

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