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Thread: Best AA flashlight for handlebars

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    Default Best AA flashlight for handlebars

    Because I have a large investment in NMH rechargable AA's, I am looking at buying a flashlight for my bicycle handlebars that take AA's.

    Currently I am looking at the Fenix L2D or the cheaper UltraFire WF-606A Cree Q5-WC 230-Lumen LED from DX. I would prefer one with a nice flood and is reasonably bright to light up the road.

    Can anyone give me some recommendations on these two as to which one would be the best or do they have a better AA light? I am thinking that two WF-606A's are still cheaper than one Fenix and am considering going down that path.

    Many thanks for any replies.

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    For years now, I am recommending Fenixes for exactly this use.
    Partly because they work this good, partly because - from the "real bike light makers" - there were no comparable offers.
    99 % of the ppl going that route came to a light that is WAY more bright than whatever "real bike light" (at that price) they used till then, as well as smaller, suited for other applications (at least that is a handheld light, no bike light, right?) and way more rugged

    Out of the ~20-30 ppl I know personally, and a good number that took that advise in two local bike forums, there were about no complaints at all, as well as in here.
    Fenix was the first larger number production maker, offering very well made lights for an exceptionally good price and their makes still offer that quality!

    DX's offerings are priced cheaper, but You get a tradeoff with them - considerably lower quality.
    In materials, parts, electronics, machining, finish, ...
    I personally, consider them nice hosts (when the machining is accepable at least) and really appreciate when they survive my usual 5-10 "cycle-in rounds", because then I dont have to use them as hosts
    In my experience, its a 50:50 chance. Have Your soldering iron, thermal paste, exchange parts (led, dirver) ready.

    When You really think of buying two lights - for more brightness - better get a P7 or MC-E light from DX, one that runs on 2*18650.
    (or a smaller 1*18650 one, that gives 1 hour full output, at best)

    PS: old Ni-Mhs suck,
    even worse with a cheap charger
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    Default Re: Best AA flashlight for handlebars

    I have numerous lights, one of the best I have found in a single AA format with a good beam for cycling and quite bright is from DX sku 17650.

    There is also a review at this site

    Overall I am very impressed and have one of these on my helmet and a CSWOI P7 modified Flashlight on the bars gives me great options for when I am riding, commuting or single track at night.

    I am just about to get another DX sku 17650 to have two on the helmet - just because I can.


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    Default Re: Best AA flashlight for handlebars

    Quote Originally Posted by Bordermeister View Post
    I have numerous lights, one of the best I have found in a single AA format with a good beam for cycling and quite bright is from DX sku 17650.

    There is also a review at this site
    The light is well reviewed. The only downside imo is that it is a 1-mode. (Well, some people want 1 mode, so it depends).

    On a bike, I figure one of the lights should be able to blink. In those shoulder times right before dusk or right after dawn, you don't need a light to see the road, but you need a light to be seen. A forward blinking light is good for that.

    Strange how drivers just don't manage to see bikes. It's like you're invisible and they see right thru you :O

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    Default Re: Best AA flashlight for handlebars

    LD2, hands down. It has excellent regulation, strobe mode for daytime use, decent runtime, and is extremely robust.

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    Default Re: Best AA flashlight for handlebars

    I have a separate "be seen" light, one of the problems I have found with a good light that has a flashing mode is that it is very distracting having 200+ lumens on - and then most importantly then off. your eyes have to adjust between lots of light then none in an ongoing on/off repitition. This is very hard on the eyes and brain.

    I much prefer a light to see by and a separate light to be seen.


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    Default Re: Best AA flashlight for handlebars

    +1 on that, Mark Bordermeister

    To see, I use various combinations of fenix L1D / L2D, depending on what I'm doing (current favorite for dark trails is L1D on handlebars and L2D on helmet, both on turbo).My bee-seen light is a "blinkie" that can be seen from a wider angle than fenix. The beam shape of L1D/L2D is too narrow, and so the strobe on L1D/L2D is either too intense (anyone directly hit by the beam) or hardly visible for drivers outside the beam.

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