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Thread: remote/pressure switches

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    Wink2 remote/pressure switches

    Hi all,

    First-post newbie here so be gentle...

    I'm interested in purchasing a flashlight to mount on a rifle which has a decent throw to about 200m. Not too fussed about weight as I mainly shoot off a bipod/sticks.

    I've read through a couple of posts and am possibly interested in the Aurora WF-800 Q5 1-Mode Cree LED Flashlight (on DX) but wonder whether you can get a remote switch for it? Also, does anyone have one and can they tell me the body diameter for mounts.

    If it can't be remoted, any other ideas?

    Many thanks, Chris

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    Default Re: remote/pressure switches

    hmm it body diam should be around the standard 1 inch...

    The generic tape switches are rather crap, go with Solarforce ones that are better...there are some versions of it and the L600 one might fit...

    In the extreme you might remove the stock switch innards and transplant the tape switch...

    Another option is to get a forward click switch...or make one

    Now I cna point you to 2 threads of mine but i have not the links to them...
    make a search here for "modifying chinese tape switches" and "various flashlight forward clickie mods" or something like that...

    I understand the long throw concept of rifle lights, and I would suggest moving a price step up and buying solarforce. they have a full range of accessories...(solarforcestore on the net and ebay)

    Hope I was of help, wellcome on board

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