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Thread: AlanB's Drop In Dream Come True - Regulated Driver!!

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    Default AlanB's Drop In Dream Come True - Regulated Driver!!

    Note: Second high power Modamag 250W bulb testing review here.

    Many of us have been waiting for a quality regulated incan bulb holder, since the AWR Hotdriver debacle. AlanB, WQuiles, and JimmyM have been working steadily over the last year to bring a custom programmable driver (various projects and threads are linked here) so you can set an optimal voltage to drive a particular incan bulb, without flashing it, or running it direct drive off the batteries. This pursuit goes back to Willie Hunt, Newbie, and more recently JS, AWR, and AW which have made other versions that are not on the same scale of prowess and flexibility coming from a volunteer colaboration from many.

    I was extremely privileged to be sent the first, programmed Mag D drop-in model completed by AlanB to stress test and find any problems or improvements which I have started working on. I am primarily using this to test bulbs in the 7.3V range, powered by 2 x IMR 26700 safe Lithium Manganese (Emoli brand) cells, as well as 6 x NiMH cells.

    First bulb is the Philips 5761 which many have worked on trying to get close to the optimal 7.2 to 7.4V without flashing it. I will be posting functional testing results in this thread as programmed by Alan with parameters listed here.

    I used partially charged cells testing all the button functions already, and they work as listed, and quite satisfactorily. Low battery shutoff for these two cells shutoff at 6 V, and it came too soon!!! While I get my cells all nice and charged up, I thought I would post these images I took to give you a pretty good idea of how this looks, compares, and works. Consider this more as eye candy, with functional results coming soon.

    These photos are intentionally larger sizes (500-900KB) so you can see more details. So be patient.

    Size Comparison Section

    Fit Section

    Inserting button and programming stick
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