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Thread: " Olight T15 - Anyone have one?"

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    Default " Olight T15 - Anyone have one?"

    Have been seriously considering the Olight T15 as my mini carry light. Anyone out there have one and if so what do you think about it versus the other brands in that same category? I like the fact that it can use either one CR123 or with a insert tube, use also a single AA battery. Nice feature IMHO. Would love to hear some comments and or reviews of this light to help me make my decision. Thanks in advance for any and all responses..................

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    Default Re: " Olight T15 - Anyone have one?"

    Its better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

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    Default Re: " Olight T15 - Anyone have one?"

    The T15 is one of my favorite EDC lights, only outdone by the T10 (I'm a CR123 fan)!
    Either way, you will like the light, my T10 hits 190 lumens, whereas the T15 is 120 max.... But, that said, just get an additional T10 tube and you got (in essence) two lights in one package.
    It's like I tell my customers.... not everyone has CR123's laying around the house, but almost everyone has some 'AA's laying around the house somewhere, even if you gotta rob 'em from the TV remote. If you have a T10 with a T15 tube (or vice versa) you will almost always have a functional flashlight should the need arise.

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    Got the T15 and T10 - great lights but I've seen them somewhat eclipsed in features by some newer lights including their own Infinitum series. Other lights along the same line - Nitecore D10 and EX10 - and the Nitecore Defender Infinity. Liteflux LF3XT and LF5XT are also amazing offerings that have conquered the Cree 'ring' problem even better than Olight. Either way I'm sure you won't be disappointed with an Olight.
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