Correct me if Iīm wrong, but the higher you go, for an example from 850nM to 940nM on an IR filter, the less output....?

What Iīm looking for is a filter that has very little visible red light coming out from the IR filter. In military use itīs not too good if you turn on a red looking spotlight in the middle of the night when you donīt want to be seen at all

I have been looking at my Surefire M1 and that one is supposed to be 880nM. When I look directly into it I can see a red spot. But the flip-up IR filters that Surefire is selling is stated to be 1000nM and when Iīm looking att them I donīt see a red spot...

I also have a IR filter for my Polarion PH50 but that is more looking like a dim, red spotlight when turned on. And I donīt know how many nM that filter is.

Sooo, what should it be? Or have I already an answer for my Q?