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Thread: Black Diamond Apollo Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by dark_hood View Post
    Has been on the market ? And if I want to buy one of these now, i will not find it anymore ? :|
    Easy to find right now

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    I'm tempted to grab an Apollo and outfit it with a neutral XM-L - I've noticed the Apollos on sale in a few places, and I also noticed that neutral XM-Ls are available at Any thoughts about this?

    Also: any advice for a first-timer at modding his own lights? I've been bitten by the flashaholic bug badly!

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    do i as its a fun project that will get great results. The lantern is a great tool and an absolute must have just by itself. Have fun and post pics please. BTW, I had put an XML T6 in mine and its bright but would like to do a warm tint.
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    Got rechargeable battery kit and car charging kit for that at REI, input is 6V, so far working so good, will get outside to really check out hopefully too long.

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    Great pics and review!

    I love the Apollo. I grew up with unusable battery powered lanterns and held the belief for years that gas was the only way to go. About a year ago I needed a lantern for a camping trip and decided to take a chance with the Apollo. Awesome little lantern with great lighting. I didn't know about the rechargeable battery kit for it until I saw this thread, definitely have to check that out, although my batteries are still going strong after a couple of camping trips and use around the house.

    One of the better pieces of kit I've bought in a while. Nice for the porch or if your closet has bad lighting.

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