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Thread: SL2 drop-in - sorta?!?

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    Default SL2 drop-in - sorta?!?

    Here are some pics of a SL4 replacement I did for a friend of mine after his bulb had burnt out. Sorry the pics are really bad.

    1.) I started with a Cree drop in from KD:

    2.) Cut a ~ 1/4" (about the same height as the thick part of the original reflector) piece off of a C-cell maglite body (Had some left over from a maglite mod)

    3.) Sanded the inside of the maglite piece a bit for easier fit - could sand the outside edge of drop-in as easily.

    4.) Slid maglite ring over end of drop-in and tapped into place with a small piece of wood while drop-in was sitting face-down on a piece of wood. (so I did not nick either piece)

    5.) Glued a piece of plastic spring on the "business" end of the drop-in
    (nothing special here - could be anything non-conducting)

    6.) Told my buddy to reverse how he put the batteries in the light

    7.) Dove it - running the entire time I was under for 6 dives over a weekend on a used set of c-cells

    8.) Very strong light! Probably will never change batteries and never replace bulb - ha!

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    Default Re: SL2 drop-in - sorta?!?

    Oops! Here's the link to Flickr of the photos...


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    Default Re: SL2 drop-in - sorta?!?


    Get to know your macro button. It is getting lonely. How about some beam shots?

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