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Thread: House Key Ankle Holster?

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    Default Re: House Key Ankle Holster?

    Thank you! It works extremely well when I am out walking/hiking/with friends sans car.

    The first key now has a younger sibling which works on the garage door. Just make sure to sand the tops to smooth out any burrs.
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    Default Re: House Key Ankle Holster?

    i slimmed down my car key while ago in similar fashion.. and as my car has broken/cracked bumper i stuck a small nail into the hole. if i need to use the spare key i can remove the nail from the hole and push it thru the hole in the key and then get more leverage. (i can open the doors without the help too if i grip it tightly)

    i was so certain you had found something like surgical tubing as cord around the ankle..

    or the wetsuit material or one of those sports ankle braces material to make an elastic loop.. little sowing and theres a pocket (inside so it wont fall off if gets loose)

    or if one only would need it with running shoes or similar ones:

    slit a small hole into the runningshoe where to insert the key. (on the side has good space) many do put the spare key under the innersole. stinky maybe but its only for emergencies.

    or slightly bigger but still slimmed down key with soldered snapbutton and the other part of the snaplock connected into the flap part of the shoe (the flap thats under laces... not sure what that is called) anyways.. snaps the key into the flap.. underside for extra security.

    cool topic btw. makes one think of options how to carry or hide a spare key..

    surgical tubing.. one could jam the keypart inside it.. it wont make the metallic clink sound anymore.
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    If you're wearing a belt whilst walking put the pin on the belt buckle through the keying and tighten belt as usual, works great when running.

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