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Thread: Please assist : I think I fried my CANON A630 (#2)

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    Default Please assist : I think I fried my CANON A630 (#2)

    Hi Guys,
    I have just read the same subject here, but could not have it fixed in mine. I have just bought an external flash for my Canon A630:Sunpak Digital Slave Grip with High Power Auto Bounce Flash Kit for Canon Digital Cameras. For the first time,I installed it and use it for couple of pictures. I tried to clean the camera with their cleaning kit , and right after I turned it on. Nada... I have tried different batteries NIMH, recharged them and tried again.. Nada. Can someone help me please. I was not informed that there were any risk with this item. Where do u think I might have sined? Is the camera gone. Your kind assistance is highly appreciated.

    This forum is very helpful as far as I have read the comments and solutions provided.

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    Default Re: Please assist : I think I fried my CANON A630 (#2)

    I'm having difficulty even understanding your question. You talk about two different operations, attaching a flash and cleaning your camera with a kit.

    It's not clear when problems started with respect to these two operations. It's also not clear what the malfunction is. Does the camera not even turn on? does it not take a photo? or does the flash just not work? Please be much more specific.

    Many cameras are very sensitive to over-voltage through the sync terminal. That is the only thing I can think of that would "fry electronics." Well, an additional possibility would be that the flash wasn't made for that specific brand of camera and the flash contacts didn't line up with the hot shoe. That could short something out with very unpleasant results. But, in that case, I would think the very first use would be enough to cause meltdown.

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