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Thread: TerraLux 1w in MiniMag

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    Default TerraLux 1w in MiniMag

    I want the longest runtime possible, so should I put the 1w TerraLux drop-in in my 2aa MiniMag? (It specs out as lasting longer than the higher-output cree.) I've seen mention of heatsink mods for it, and even p4 mods. I can imagine that the heatsink wouldn't hurt at worst and may be marginally beneficial, but don't know about what the p4 will do to runtime. Thx

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    Default Re: TerraLux 1w in MiniMag

    which terralux 1W drop-in are you referring to?
    if you meant the ministar2: http://www.batteryjunction.com/mikitwi1walu.html

    then the runtime plot is about 5 hours to 50%
    Runtime [Quickbeam] http://flashlightreviews.woodlandsco..._ministar2.htm
    Runtime [Roy] http://www.jtice.com/runtimes/ministar.jpg

    given the size of the dropin, there is essentially NO heatsinking capability, anything that you add on will be very beneficial.

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    Default Re: TerraLux 1w in MiniMag

    Hello RickCarpenter --

    Welcome to CandlePowerForums !

    I'm very familiar with the TerraLux TLE-5 (MiniStar2) 1watt Luxeon upgrade module.

    I've found that the NiteIze 1watt Luxeon upgrade module is
    equal or superior in every respect to the TerraLux TLE-5,
    yet the NiteIze lasts an hour longer on a set of batteries.

    That is, lasting roughly 6 hours, rather than 5.

    If, indeed you want MORE runtime than that, at a lower light output,
    i can recommend the TerraLux TLE-10 upgrade module.

    This is also known as the TLE-20 module, when it is packaged
    along with a "PR-2" type bulb base.

    Regardless of what it's called, TLE-10 or TLE-20, it'll last twice as long
    as the Luxeon upgrades, on a set of batteries.

    TLE-10 (20) uses a one-half-watt Nichia Rigel emitter.

    Natually, the TLE-10 is not as bright as its Luxeon counterparts,
    but i've found it to be plenty bright enough for many of my uses,
    when it's gotta' run All Night Long.

    You will find all 3 of these Upgrade Modules available at Battery Junction,
    an excellent place to do business with.

    May i suggest that you avoid the NiteIze 3-LED upgrade module,
    which is often available on local store shelves, for about 6 bucks. (US)

    Why ?

    Because the TerraLux TLE-10 upgrade is superior to it, in every respect.

    Believe me, i've compared 'em.

    (OK, i admit, it does COST a bit more than the 3-LED module)

    Hope this information is helpful to you.


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    Default Re: TerraLux 1w in MiniMag

    There is also the MJLED drop-in for the Minimag. It should give much more runtime, but it also has lower output.

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