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Thread: pedometers?

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    Default pedometers?

    so when i update my cell phone i noticed a new applicatoin that basically act as a pedometer counting steps per day and keeping track. i'm supposing it's using the built in accelerameter.

    anywho, i noticed the magic number was 10,000 steps per day so i did some research and saw that was the recommended amount.

    so i was thinking to get some pedometers for the in-laws to keep them healthy. i figure it'll be a good motivator. i have no idea which one to get. the price range is 5-60 bucks so i'm not sure where to start. i would say it doesnt have to be incredibly accurate. what should i be looking for?

    i guess i'm looking for something that can be worn all day and last a while without replacing the batteries. anyone have any experience with these things?

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    Default Re: pedometers?

    I have one by Omron. It seem accurate enough and is compact enough to not be a bother. It's an HJ-720 or something clost to that.

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