I have read the forums for a while in a search for the perfect flashlight for me. At the moment I have Maglite 5D, Fenix P2 and Fenix TK10. The TK10 is a great light for me at the moment, but you know... In time you want someting more . My aim now is to get the most powerful and and the same time the smallest flashlight available on market. Basically the idea is, that I can carry it in my pocket or attached to the belt and do not worry all the time about weight or size. I know there could be flashlights of Maglite 6D size or MaxaBeam size which can give you a really perfect throw, but I'm not interested in carrying the batteries on my back. All I want is the max small size with the max throw ability. First I wanted the TK40, then I read about MC2 Eagle, and finally I found the Legion II. I am interested in at least 500 lumens (I have 220 in my TK10, so I have the comparison). I know, there could be different suggestion to my request, but please, could you just give me simple answer what has the better throw and at the same time is the smallest as portabilityand flexibility is important to me. Durablility is not so important to me, however I obviously (as probably most of you) cannot accept any cheap / plastic-fantastic inventions "made in Albania" , if you know what I mean. Hope I made myself clear.