Does anyone know what tint led the Cabela's XPG N-Series U.D.I. has in it? I've searched and not found what I was looking for but if I missed it I would be happy to be pointed in the right direction.

I found the chart ( but with the description it looks like it could be any of these; 5C, 5D, 6B, or 6A . . .

It's listed as, "3700° Kelvin LED chipset has a detail-defining Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 out of 100"

I have a cree 5A and love it but the Cabela's is too yellow for my taste. It's supposed to make things look more normal but from my perspective that's not true.

I compared it to the other lights I have by looking at the tree in the front of my house. When I first used the Cabela's light, I thought half my tree was dead ;-( . . . The leaves are different colors on the top and bottom and anywhere I could see the bottom they looked VERY brown/yellow. I then used my 5A and the color was much closer to real life. I thought it might just be because I'm used to the 5A tint, so I pulled off a leaf and brought it inside under incandescent light. In my opinion the CRI is not better than a standard Cree and certainly not better than the 5A.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this light or know which bin led it uses?