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Thread: Looking for Mil-C-5040h T3 paracord

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    Default Looking for Mil-C-5040h T3 paracord

    Anyone know where I can find this stuff.
    It is not just 7 strand cord that virtually everyone calls mil spec.

    True mil spec is 7 strands that are each 3 ply (NOT 2 PLY) one of which is other than white in color or if all 7 strands are white there is an 8th colored strand that is very thin (almost human hair thickness) used as an "identifier". This is according to the govt manufacturers I have spoken to. They wont sell less than 21,000 feet to an individual - too much for me.

    Most of the places that sell "mil spec" cord seem to be unaware of this or intentionally misrepresent their product.

    I have found only one place that sells the real stuff, best glide, but they only sell in 100 ft length or less.

    Can anyone who knows the true mil spec help me source some real mil spec cord?

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    Default Re: Looking for Mil-C-5040h T3 paracord

    I like you will only buy the real stuff and I have been frustrated as hell on finding bulk MIL-C-5040H T3 cord. I was able to find it and it is the real stuff. Of the 7 strands, the one is white/yellow with black hash marks and the other 6 are the normal white. These are the 3-ply strands. The reason for the indentifier is in the event they have a military parachute that fails via the paracord, they can identify the manufacturer; think of this as a CAGE (which stands for Commercial and Government Entity) code; A CAGE Code is a five (5) position code that identifies companies doing or wishing to do business with the Federal Government

    One Stop Knife Company sells this.

    Mine just arrived today and I bought the 1,000 foot spool and total with shipping came to $115.99. They have several colors to choose from but I bought the black.

    I also contacted a few places that used to sell this but have since stopped carrying it. They directed me to:
    Randy Roberson
    Miltex Industries Div.
    Mills Manufacturing Corporation

    These guys make parachutes for the military and make their own MIL-C-5040H. Their minimum order is $100 and the smallest size roll they sell is 400 yards. They do not accept credit cards so you have to pay in advance. I took the risk on One Stop Knife Company and was very satisfied.

    Let me know if you found other places as well. If you are like me, you can't have enough of this stuff around.
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    Default Re: Looking for Mil-C-5040h T3 paracord

    I also had trouble finding the real stuff through through commercial means. However I recently started to sell MIL-C-5040 Parachute Cord. I can provide you with whatever amount needed. I operate out of Toronto but international shipping is not that expensive these days. Anyone looking to purchase can reply to this thread or just email me at


    Chris Gautreau

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    Default Re: Looking for Mil-C-5040h T3 paracord

    Take a look at:

    They have what you are looking for and more.

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