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    Buttrock HARM Tracer Large

    I've been waiting for this big guy for about 6 months and it finally just arrived this week.

    The "Tracer Large" is by custom knife maker HARM of S. Africa.


    Model: Tracer Large
    Blade Steel: 6mm Thick Bohler N690 High Carbon w/Saw Back
    Stainless, Hardened In-House To 59/60 HRC
    Handles: Black Linen Phenolic w/ Red liners on a Tapered Tang
    SS Tubing and Pins
    Leather Sheath by HARM

    Pictures don't do it justice, but out of about 20 taken this is the best I could come up with.

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    Default Re: HARM Tracer Large

    nice custom

    thats lots of work in that knife

    looks quite like the knife from
    the hunted

    very cool

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    Default Re: HARM Tracer Large

    Quote Originally Posted by gollum View Post
    nice custom

    thats lots of work in that knife

    looks quite like the knife from
    the hunted

    very cool
    It's one of the variations of that knife. The original design is claimed by a few people, but from what I understand Dave Beck's WSK (Wilderness Survival Knife) is the (or one of) the original designs. Dave is now retired from knife making and has opened up the design to a few custom knife makers including HARM, Tim Horan, Mark Terrell, and others.


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    The original Wilderness Survival Knife was reviewed in Tactical Knives magazine years before it was used in the movie that made the design wildly popular.

    It's interesting that some would claim to have designed the knife, originally... especially if they claim the design was created just for the film.

    BTW, that sure is one sweet custom piece you have there, Flavio.
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