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    Default Miles Davis 'BiG' Nautilus

    I'll play it first and tell you what it is later. -- Miles Davis
    “Blue in Green” is arguably the most beautiful piece of music on Kind of Blue. The ensemble playing reaches new levels of subtlety and transcendence, and the work benefits greatly from the introduction of pianist Bill Evans, one of Miles Davis’ greatest collaborators. Indeed, his piano part is magnificent, and his solo is a masterpiece of his unrivalled lyricism. The tempo of the tune is audaciously slow, and it’s easy for the listener to think that it will fall apart at any moment. It doesn’t, however, due to the genius of the ensemble. Song Link
    Light is so named because of the 6 trits in blue/green alternating color that I installed myself around the circumference. Fred has outdone himself yet again with the machining and I am uber pleased with the result. In what seems to be typical fashion of PhotonFanatic's builds, I provided a general idea of what I was after and then gave free reign to customize as per his own tastes. As if the Nautilus wasn't already close to perfect this pushes it over the edge in my opinion. I'm just sorry that I don't have a camera with manual settings or a UV light to truly capture the H3 in its full glory. And my photo editing skills leave something to be desired too. Anyway, here's what I got. Hope you like.

    "BiG" = Blue in Green

    And for a bit better detail against a white background, I chose a different album:

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