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Thread: my new 2250 lumens pocket size ssr-90 5 modes flashlight

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    Default my new 2250 lumens pocket size ssr-90 5 modes flashlight

    on the mte sf-15

    with the 2250 lumens ssr-90:

    ------------------------ssc p7,--- ssr-90,----- ssr-50,--cree XR-E ez900 q5

    with 5 modes

    q1: power mosfet t70n03( 71 amp max)
    ic1: microcontroler 12f629
    d2: protection led
    d1: protection ic1

    and 71 amp power mosfet transistor t70n03

    more powerfull than 2xp7

    mte sf-22 p7------------------------------------mte sf-15 5 modes SSR-90

    at very hight current powered with 1x aw18650 imr (16 amp max):

    10 amp

    I use it in mid or low mode and only when I really need many many light I use the high mode because its very very hot flashlight
    40c 45 seconds
    50c 2 min
    55c 3 min
    Last edited by moviles; 08-13-2009 at 04:55 AM.
    custom flashlights:2 x MTE sf-15 SST-90@10amp,,romisen rc-g2 q5bin ez900chip aspherical and sku7882 @2.75 amp 18000 lux@1m, tiablo collimator with q5 ez900 chip @2.95 amp 72000 lux@1m. pc: e8400/gtx 285

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