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Thread: Cree XP-E R2 - short user report

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    Default Cree XP-E R2 - short user report

    Well , Ive had a play with the XP-E's and

    Not nearly as great as one would have hoped for , they just cant compete with XR-E in a head to head contest .

    Actual light box results are equal , running both XR-E and XP-E on the same 1A buck boost driver gives the same light output in my lightbox , just nothing to separate them .

    Moving away from 1A , I tried a SSC P7 driver/controller that allows the LED to suck what ever level of current it wants [ Direct Drive ] .

    Anyhow , 1 of the XP-E R2 drew just on 1A [ measured at the tail ] , the other actually hit almost 1.5A measured at the tail , for a moment I got all excited but the results did not pan out in the lightbox , and for all that power draw it still could not put out more than the other two XP-E R2's
    Very disappointing .

    What I like about the XR-E's is , when you push them , they produce more light , and from my own humble collection of R2's , the XR-E can be pushed some 30% to 50% harder .

    I dont know , I tried the higher current drawing one with a IMR and it sucked up to 1.8A [ measured at the tail ] but the output remained about the same .
    I might play with this one a little more me thinks ...
    With this driver , thats a little over 1.6A to the LED .

    Well , thats about it for now ,

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    Default Re: Cree XP-E R2 - short user report

    That second DD emitter probably didn't like those currents much. The XP-E is only rated by Cree for 700mA drive current as opposed to the XR-E's 1A.

    The main draws are the smaller footprint and die image for projection. It also lacks a dome collar, so it isn't prone to the infamous Cree rings..

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    Default Re: Cree XP-E R2 - short user report

    sometimes, brightness isn't everything.
    I am still amazed at the xp-e's tiny footprint.. amazing for that size.

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    Default Re: Cree XP-E R2 - short user report

    Also the XR-E has better thermal resistance (it's lower) so at the same current given enough time for the dies to warm up the XR-E will be brighter than the XP-E.

    The XP-E does have amazing things going for it. It's size allows us to finally put power LEDs in to really tight spaces.

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