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Thread: XP-G in a T1A?

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    Default XP-G in a T1A?

    I'm liking the titan but I just need more light coming out of it for the cost of the light. I was thinking about trying to swap an XP-E or XP-G into it. Has any one played with this or would the reflector even work?
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    Default Re: XP-G in a T1A?

    Has anyone anywhere modded one of these? kind of an expensive host to start from....

    Also, I don't own one, but the one I handled at the store looked like it would be particularly difficult to open up to get at the emitter..
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    Default Re: XP-G in a T1A?

    This thread might be of interest to you...

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    Default Re: XP-G in a T1A?

    Thank you DaFABRICATA, your thread was the original inspiration for this quest. I am just wondering if the reflector will work for an X lamp.
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