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    I'm looking for a stun gun for under $25. Tried ordering one from ebay but it never arrived. I'm looking for more reliable vendors than ebay's. I thought of dealextreme but they don't carry stun guns. Can someone recommend a cheap reliable place to order one from?

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    try getting one from a store or visit a gun show

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    Thanks, but the gun shows tend to be about $40 plus admission.

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    shorty, IMHO, any "stun gun" thats sub $25 is garbage. If you're looking for a cheap method of non-lethal self defense, try some capscium spray (pepper spray, mace etc) they start at $5 and if you spend $25 on it, you can find some fairly decent stuff.

    Good luck.

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    i had one of those cheap 200k volts and even with new batteries it wouldn't do much of anything, the sound was the worst part about, it would make flinch/jump back a little but wouldn't stop anyone.

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    Civilian stun guns will never have the same results as a TASER product. I know a lot of people who buy these things thinking they will have the same effect.

    One affects the nervous system and muscular system, the other affects only the nervous system. You guess which is which.

    I mean it still works, but not all of the time. Get someone hyped up on PCP and a civilian taser wont do anything. For that matter neither is OC spray. Hell some people can walk right through a stun gun any of the time.

    A lot of people probably don't know a TASER doesn't exactly deliver 50,000 volts It's the watts that matter. Always look at the watt difference.

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    don't throw away your "underpowered" stun gun, it might not be effective to put someone down, but there is a different way you could use one, i,ve read somewhere that electricity brakes up poison, (as in poisonous insects, animals bites, not if you ingest something poisonous) at first i was sceptical about it, but once i had was in a forest in a black fly season, had about 50 bites, in few days they swell to about a small pee size, so i took my zapping cigarette "practical joke kit" and zapped each bite few times, 1-2 seconds each zap, in few hours itching and pain was gone, in a few days swelling was gone, in a week there was no traces left, others who were with me and got bitten, used cortisone, and other ointments, their bites were gone only in about a month.
    i don't have solid scientific data that zapping cured the bites, but what i,ve seen happened made me believe it did help, now i use this zap cig pack on every mosquito bite i get, itching goes away fast.
    now if i ever get bitten by a poisonous snake, i would not hesitate to stun my self. it sure wont make things worst, but very big chance it will help.
    not that i tell everyone to zap themselves, but it works for me, it is one more thing to consider.
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    Something funny about using a tool that some people is effective in self defense, to zap yourself when you're bitten by bugs. I've seen guys use a stun gun to zap people on the shooting line in a shooting class -- adds a little stress into the equation. In any case, these are a joke as a self defense tool, avoid them. TASERs work, stun guns don't

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