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Thread: Gatlight Issue - Low Output

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    Default Re: Gatlight Issue - Low Output

    You need to first remove the rubber washer, if you gave some long needle noose pliers to grab the washer they work the best, or you can use a long pick careful not to rip it. Don’t pull up on the center piston it’s easy to miss it up you will end up with only high if you pull to hard on the center piston ( Learned the hard way). Once you remove the washer the LE just fall out. Nothing is screwed in just pressure from the rubber washer holds it in.

    I tried emailing Walter some time ago never heard back from him.

    Quote Originally Posted by LuxLuthor View Post
    Glock18, thanks! Just so I don't break anything, I can see the rubber outer "washer" like you show surrounding the lighting element...but do you just simply grab the center piston rod and pull it back, or do you remove the rubber washer, and then the center LE assembly unscrews?

    Also, with such a great product, do you know why the Lumencraft member(s) don't visit CPF? I think it would reassure people who are considering purchasing the new model they list on their website.
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    I had the same issue as others here - doesn't get much brighter than 3-5 lumens or so. The contact form on the official website is broken, and I couldn't get the wholesale form to work, so here I am.
    Quote Originally Posted by WadeF View Post
    I heard back from Walter via email. He said leaving the battery in with the knob screwed down (for dim) could result in the spring or whatever could compress. He recommends unscrewing the knob and let it sit for 24 hours to decompress.
    I'm going to try that and see if my light works better by tomorrow.

    EDIT: That did the trick - back to full output.

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