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Thread: More film questions..

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    Default More film questions..

    I tried using google, first, before posting it here, so here goes:

    Now that I'm down to my last 5-6 rolls of film, I'm looking into bulk loading my own, to save money.

    I already have the bulk loader, and know where to get the cartridges. I just need some advice on the 100 foot rolls.

    I am looking at Ilford HP5+, LegacyPro, and Arista EDU Ultra in 400 ISO format.

    The Ilford is $50/100' roll, the LegacyPro is $33/100', and the Arista EDU Ultra is $28/100'. I am wondering if anyone has good advice on which one to get (and comparisons between the 3, if possible).

    I already have experience working with Ilford HP5+, because I'm using that for my photography class. I'm just curious if there's a reason that the other 2 brands are like 1/2 the price.

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer.


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    Default Re: More film questions..

    Is it possible to get the other 2 film types already loaded in a 36 exposure cartridge?

    From way back when - some of the color films available for bulk were end cuts left over from the movie industry.

    Ilford is a brand that has been around for a long time, not sure about the others.

    In this digital age, there is less and less information about film, and fewer comparisons...
    Now I can see the darkness .

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    Arrow Re: More film questions..

    Other than Kodak Tri-X for its unique and sharp grain structure -
    I have always preferred Ilford for b&w - but then I used the original FP4 which was ISO125 -
    developed in Paterson's Acuspecial rated ISO200 -
    but that was a life-time ago.

    According to the posts here it is speculated that the current Arista films may be re-packaged Kodak films - but please read the posts and decide for yourself.

    As suggested it is probably worthwhile trying to get hold of single roll "sample" to try before buying in bulk.

    If the vendor won't do it, try joining and posting in some of the b&w film forums and ask if anyone would be willing to sell/trade you a roll or two......

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    Default Re: More film questions..

    Freestyle sells both films in 36 exposure rolls. LegacyPro & AristaEDU
    There's really no substitute for shooting a few rolls.

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    Default Re: More film questions..

    Sorry, no experience with the other films...but have always loved the Ilford products. My favorite combo (back in the day) was FP4 developed in D-11.

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    Default Re: More film questions..

    I only have experience with the Illford. I do have to say that I do like the Illford, but not as much as I like Tri-X (sorry I know this was not one of your choices).

    It's good to see that people are actually still shooting film!

    Looks like B&H Photo has the Illford 100' roll for $47 with free shipping.

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