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Thread: Fenix TK20 vs Quark AA (AA^2) Neutral

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    Default Fenix TK20 vs Quark AA (AA^2) Neutral


    I've searched and read a bunch of threads on the two lights mentioned, and found a lot of information. I want a warm tint LED light for various outside activities, camping, diving, geocaching. From what I read, it basically boils down to these two lights.

    I didn't find a side by side comparison though. Would be great to see the size, beamshots and possibly runtimes side by side.

    TK20 seems sturdier, but is heavier. The Quark seems to have more versatility, especially because all the Quark parts fit (e.g. 18650 body).

    Any thoughts and even better, pictures?

    You're input is highly appreciated! Thanks!

    Greetings from Germany
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