(I posted this topic on the poor mans watch forum also (www.pmwf.com )

Now I know that us flashoholics have a saying, "buy 'em all', but, I am a one watch kind of guy. I have been wearing my current watch every day for like 6-7 years.

I have found ALMOST my perfect watch, it is the one I currently own, a second generation Citizen Skyhawk Titanium watch. I just re-set it, and it gained 10 seconds in 6 months, so I am pretty happy about that.

BUT, it falls short in a couple of areas:
Does not automaticly re-set for DST
Glare on Crystal
hard to read in dark
Digital display too small and too hard to read (might have something to do with my eyes, not the watch!)

The 3rd generation Citizen Skyhawk Eco Drive (and similar) are close to what I am looking for, but no Tritium arms or hour markers, and once I viewed a Tritium watch in the dark, everything else pales in comparision (pun intended!)

So, do yall know of any watches that meet these criteria?
Atomic clock
Dual analog digital display
re-sets automaticly for DST (probably goes along with the Atomic clock option)
Tritium analog dials and Hour markers
Titanium (optional, but nice)
Solar powered (or Eco-drive or similar)

While it would be important for the watch to be rugged and reliable, I am not into the collector aspect of this watch, it would be EDC wear for me.

Also, any suggestions as to what watch forums I should ask this question?