I have both versions of the TL-2 LED. The 2nd gen model is great, the 1st gen model is pitiful by comparison- dim, green light. I'm pretty sure it is resistored direct drive. I don't like it as is so I need to make a change.
1. I could sell it for a low price, probably less than I bought it for.
2. I could buy a stock Streamlight incan. module for it. I think a module would cost me about $20. I could buy a whole used Scorpion for that or slightly more.
3. I could find someone to help me by swapping the LED and/or swapping the resistor.

I like the TL-2 body, but not enough to put much money into modding it, and I'd prefer to keep it as an LED light. Any suggestions? Anybody want to swap the LED for me?