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Thread: problems with SquealExtreme X-RE Q5s?

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    Default problems with SquealExtreme X-RE Q5s?

    Anyone ever had issues with the XR-E Q5 LEDs from Deal Extreme?

    I've seen mention elsewhere that the PCB was lower quality...but are there any cases of people having problems with them? It's not like they are subjected to physical abuse or anything...they are soldered once and then just sit there and conduct.

    If the solder pads are hard to solder to, or the connections/heatsinking fail however, that is a different matter and obviously paying more would be worth it.

    Thanks for any feedback,

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    Default Re: problems with SquealExtreme X-RE Q5s?

    I've bought 10 or so and all were spot on. 6 of them are in my home light fittings and have been since 25/09/2008. Some had a very slight green tinge to them when first installed but that has dissapeared at some point over the last 12 months, not a flicker otherwise


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    Default Re: problems with SquealExtreme X-RE Q5s?

    I've bought 20 WG R2's from them on stars. The lights I built with them did well on the lux meter. They were the real deal best I could tell and performed as well as R2's bought elsewhere.
    Blew another IC!

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    Default Re: problems with SquealExtreme X-RE Q5s?

    I can echo the comments made by Greg G and Paul Baldwin

    I have build a penta DX Q5 Mag driven at 1A per emitter. It gets hot
    but no problems with the emitters

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    Default Re: problems with SquealExtreme X-RE Q5s?

    Hit & Miss, bought a bunch R2 & all were well,
    then came a lot of 4 that barely lit up, perhaps P4 at most.

    There's no markings, so you can not prove it's not R2 & get replacement or re-fund, learned my lesson & haven't bought Dx R2 since.

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