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Thread: Streamlight Question....

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    Default Streamlight Question....

    I already have a Scorpion, and love it. However, I'm looking for a much more powerful light. Either the Stinger, or the Stinger HP. Is the HP really that much brighter?

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    Default Re: Streamlight Question....

    The The Ultra which I have is brighter with a wide somewhat bright corona. The HP uses the same reflector so it should produce a tighter beam than the Scorpion although not as bright as the Ultra. The Stinger is marginally brighter but has a wider bright spot. The HP should prove out brighter plus is rechargeable so the agony of using it is gone.

    Plus if you have a Scorpion you might want to look into the XP version of the Stingers. They have a tail switch and would be similar in operation to the Scorpion. The regular Stingers (regular and HP) have a switch up by the lamp ala most other lights. Some find the switch there to be "alien" as they are used to tactical switches. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/icon3.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Streamlight Question....

    If you are sticking with Streamlight then go for the UltraStinger.

    However, why not check out the TigerLight (8" FBOP version)
    Now there's a lot of light from a compact flashlight!


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