I have purchased Fameart PC14 charger ( http://www.fameart.co.uk/products/fa...gers/PC14.html ), but I wonder whether it might be faulty or is it just a poor design.
It does not turn on the red LED light when just one battery is inserted, only when 2 batteries in pairs are on one side or the other side of the charger then it is on (it might be a feature not a "bug" ).
Voltage checked for AA/AAA cells with analog multimeter is almost nonexistent, and it is AC, not DC. For 9V cells it is 11 V but again AC. Current flowing into one battery is just 40 mA, instead of the declared 170 mA.

Could owners of PC14 confirm that their charger behaves in the same way or differently?

I would have purchased PC15, but it seems that PC15 does not have capability to charge 9V batteries, and that discouraged me from purchasing it.