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Thread: LED vendors?

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    Default LED vendors?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm interested in purchasing some LEDs, both 5mm (Nichias) and Crees (esp XR-Es) for upgrading lights I have, and, should my soldering skills improve, maybe even upgrading car dome lights.

    Where can I find LED vendors, I tried googling, but with only limited success. Other than that, I only know of Cutter (Aus?) which is kinda far and has expensive shipping, and DX, which has very limited choices.

    I'd prefer someone that can ship through USPS to cut down on shipping, since I'll probably be ordering in low quantities. (Honestly, I don't think some LEDs the size of a mini M&M warrants UPS shipping)

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    If you are just buying a "few" LEDs I would recommend LEDsupply.com They don't have the most amazing prices but they are based in VT which means shipping time is 2-5 days
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    Yeah, LEDsupply is good people. I live in Michigan and I often get their flat rate USPS shipping in two days.

    I'd use Cutter a bit more if I wanted specific bin tints or XP-Gs, but I can't stand their web-site.

    BestHongKong is my favorite of the Chinese sites. They have some neat optic / driver options and their 3watt Red and Blue emitters are pretty damn good.

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    I wonder... why are there so many german LED shops?

    edit: just FYI... Led1.xx sells Nichia GS, 10 pcs, for 10 euro. No shipping costs to continental europe, GB and Ireland. Shipping elsewhere 3.90 euro. I'm gonna buy there

    edit2: edited the domain. LED1 apparently has the strange idea that Switzerland is not within continental Europe. A*******.
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