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Thread: How's my dual MC-E setup look?

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    Thinking How's my dual MC-E setup look?

    Hey, all you extremely-knowledgeable folks! Here's what I have so far in mind for my first light. I would appreciate all thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, etc.

    2 x parallel wired MC-E M bin emitters, premounted on 20mm circle mounts, wired in series

    Li-Ion 11.1V, 4400 or 5200mAh, protected cells

    I need suggestions/recommendations/advice here. I was thinking something along these lines, but maybe that's more than I need:

    Here're what I'm looking for in a driver: CC up to 2800mA, buck (obviously), multi-mode. What am I missing? What are better options?

    I would like suggestions here too, please.

    If I calculate correctly, I could run this light on high (=~7V + 1V at 2800mA) for =~1.85 to 2.19 hours, assuming around 85% efficiency from the driver. This may actually be more runtime than I need.

    Please, all, give me your thoughts.

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