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Thread: Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max

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    Default Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max

    Has anyone tried one of these? If so, what are your impressions?


    Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max Flash Light Model 1232 The Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max Flash Light Model 1232 Mossy Oak Break Up 3711232 is an ultra powerful light with a tactical end-cap switch. This is a special lockout feature that keeps this Browning flashlight from turning on when packed tightly with other gear. The rugged, lightweight aluminum housings are double-O-ring sealed, and the specialized K-2 lens and reflector design projects a unique diamond-shape beam that covers 25% more area than conventional round beams. Browning's Tactical Hunter flashlight delivers maximum power using only one AA battery.

    Specifications for Browning Alpha MAX Tactical Hunter Flashlight
    Model: 1232
    Battery Life: High 2 hours
    Lamp Type: Cree XR-E LED
    Brightness: 107 lumens
    Color of emitted light: White
    Batteries: (1)AA Alkaline
    Color: Mossy Oak Break Up
    Features of Browning 3711232 Tactical Hunter Alpha Max Lithium Flash LightDelivers 107 lumens, shines over 100 yards, and is no bigger than a roll of breath mints
    Digital circuitry delivers maximum power using only one battery
    Comes with rugged tactical hunter design with lock-out switch and deep carry pocket clip
    3.9 inches in length

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    Default Re: Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max

    Sorry, no first hand experience but it doesn't look terrible for $40. Momentary switch instead of a clickie and one mode. There are brighter and more versatile multi-mode 1xAA lights available for just a bit more but there's also good use for simple on/off single mode lights.
    The marketing mentions a "unique square shaped beam" so it's likely that the lights are using an optic of some sort instead of a traditional reflector.

    I'm sure someone around here has played with one.
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    Default Re: Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max

    I have the 80 lumen AA model. I love it. It's my EDC. I also have the surefire G2L but the Alpha is what I carry and use. I have and will continue to recommend the alpha to my friends. Common AA battery, aluminum with O rings, 80 lumens, 2hour run time, $40.00. Overall the best, most used light I've ever owned.

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    Default Re: Browning Tactical Hunter Alpha Max

    I also have the regular alpha. I got it as a christmas gift. I love the forward clickie but the output is lacking. I'm pretty sure it is not the 80lms it claims. It is about equal to my fenix ld10 on medium mode. I am so used to multi mode lights that I expect it on a new light. I went to the Browning web site to check it out and saw the Alpha Max. It is the exact light using cree instead of a rebel. If it were truely over 100lm and had mulit modes I would get one but since it doesn't I'll pass. Oh I also like the clip set up on these lights!!

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