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Thread: Is there CLEAR epoxy putty?

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    Default Is there CLEAR epoxy putty?

    Recently I've been trying to add some GITD to some of my lights, usually to recess areas at the clickie end of the flashlights. I've been trying to mix epoxy glue with GITD powder and the small quantity needed made it hard not to waste any GITD powder. I was wondering if there is any common epoxy putty that hardens crystal CLEAR or quite CLEAR so that I can work it with the glow powder. I seemed to have come across a certain thread where someone used GITD powder with epoxy putty and bake it in oven, not sure if it was clear epoxy putty. Anyone here ever came across clear putty and can recommend to me? Thanks.

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    Sorry, I don't have the information you asked for. But it seemed that you tried and didn't like the results. Please read THIS POST. I hope it helps.
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    yeah.. i tried some time ago and was hoping that there would be new products such as clear epoxy putty. but thanks for replying

    or other than clear epoxy putty, is there any other clear materials that could mix with GITD powder that is easy to manage in small quantities?

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    Default Re: Is there CLEAR epoxy putty?

    I have used Devcon 5 minute clear epoxy with good results. I got mine from EBAY.
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    there is a version of araldite called "crystal clear"
    its what i use now, and it seems to set clear, doesnt have the yellowish tinge that the normal araldite has.

    whether you can get it in the US or not is a whole different story though

    Clear Silicon sealant also works as an adhesive to mix GITD powder with, it is a bit thicker though, and is better for forcing into places, it doesnt "slump" and level itself like the epoxy does
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