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Thread: Spyderco Sage (CF + S30V) and Boker Plus Hyper (440C) with pix

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    Default Spyderco Sage (CF + S30V) and Boker Plus Hyper (440C) with pix

    I got the Boker Plus Hyper for over 1.5 years and Spyderco was from last year.

    The Hyper has been my do-everything knife and I really like it. The size is good for a sub 3" blade and the blade shape makes it good for a wide range of task. The handle is grippy but its not very comfortable for extended use (because of the thin profile?) The frame lock is solid and it has no play when locked up. Since it has been used quite extensively, it could really use a good sharpening now.

    The Sage is scary sharp out of the box. Nice looking CF handle + S30V blade (Hyper has 440C, that's quite an upgrade, both are just under 3" I think). The handle is longer and more comfortable than the Hyper's. The liner lock feels very solid as well and no play everywhere.

    Both are slim in profile and you won't notice it when clipped to the front jeans pocket. The Sage is easier to pull out of the pocket cause the thumb stud of the Hyper sometimes got caught by the edge of the pocket.

    One thing about the Sage is that the only option is tip up carry. The sets of pocket clip holes are on both sides but can only do tip up carry possible. I perfer tip down carry myself, but that's no a deal breaker for me.

    The Sage is Made in Taiwan, but that doesn't bother me a bit. The build quality and finish are nice, and the price is great for the feature. BTW, the Hyper is Made in China, if that matters. Yet, I have no problem with it (build quality and finish, as reflected by the price) or what so ever.

    Here are some pix: (I think I've lost the pix that shows the knife when blades opened )

    Front jeans pocket with Sage

    Front jeans pocket with Hyper
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    Default Re: Spyderco Sage (CF + S30V) and Boker Plus Hyper (440C) with pix

    Nice Pics! I really like the CF handle on the Sage.
    I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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    Default Re: Spyderco Sage (CF + S30V) and Boker Plus Hyper (440C) with pix

    Excellent photo's! I really like the pocket clip shots because it tells so much about how a knife is going to where. Both appear to wear very well. I'm partial to the Sage and that beautiful handle myself. Many of reviewers including Nutnfancy don't like that it's smooth but if it still gets the job done and fits the "2nd kind of cool" then it's hard not to love that knife.

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    Default Re: Spyderco Sage (CF + S30V) and Boker Plus Hyper (440C) with pix

    Nice pics! I'm not familiar with the Hyper, but I think the Sage is a great knife!

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